This electronic text follows the 1925 Dutton printing. The Dutton text incorporated mainly British spelling with American punctuation. That arrangement has been preserved here.

Blackwood’s liberal use of dashes is likewise reproduced, although some of the Dutton dashes vary in length. Such variation has not been preserved as it is annoying to implement and appears to have no significance for the meanings of the texts.

Obsolescent but not incorrect phraseology, such as The Falling Glass’s when a rising temperature and the hasting run of blood, has been retained.

Some hyphenation of compound words split at line breaks is questionable, when intended spelling is uncertain because the compound is not repeated elsewhere.

The initial word or name of each story, whether short (e.g., IT) or long (e.g., JOHN ERDLIEB), is printed in uppercase and is here so reproduced. The initial letters are in much larger font size. While certainly possible to implement, this stylistic flourish has not been duplicated here, as the results seem incommesurate with the effort.

A few printed errors in spelling or punctuation impede easy understanding of the text and have been amended, as noted infra. My salutes to the anonymous typesetters and proofreaders at Dutton for their feat of reducing the incidence of these errors to a trivial level.

William Whitelaw


Dutton printing - “you’re crazy. Your’re talking the damnedest nonsense
corrected text - “you’re crazy. You’re talking the damnedest nonsense


Dutton printing - and Malahide’s quick, remark, the next second
corrected text - and Malahide’s quick remark, the next second

Dutton printing - And, I, too, moved
corrected text - And I, too, moved

Dutton printing - with its birds, its flowers, its dew, it careless wisdom
corrected text - with its birds, its flowers, its dew, its careless wisdom


Dutton printing - he hastened to correct his little mistake. “I trust—”?
corrected text - he hastened to correct his little mistake. “I trust—?”


Dutton printing - It argued, perhaps a strain of futility in the blood,
corrected text - It argued, perhaps, a strain of futility in the blood,


Dutton printing - They had arrived that very day apparently
corrected text - They had arrived that very day, apparently

Dutton printing - no paragraph break at “One does.” He sighed. “But, all the same, I should like to get one to eat
corrected text - added break


Dutton printing - rhythmic rise and fall, liked a brimmed rivulet
corrected text - rhythmic rise and fall, like a brimmed rivulet


Dutton printing - It was to be a long, long, business,
corrected text - It was to be a long, long business,